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tv   News Nation  MSNBC  May 26, 2015 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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es are left without power as the schools are closed and the transit system is shut down. over 100 people have been rescued so far. >> the areas that are being hit are hit really hard and we're trying to keep people off the roadways in those areas. >> the water is in some areas still rising. again, some parts of the city are high and dry and others are under water. people need to be patient and we're hoping folks will stay home and allow us to work. >> this was the scene at the gallery i can't shopping center. an exclusive mall in the city where part of the parking garage was completely flooded leaving workers trapped inside. about 200 basketball fans were stranded overnight inside the toyota center after the rockets playoff game including the team's star forward dwight
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howard. >> all these people can't get home and get to their families and loved ones. i want everybody to be safe and stay off the streets as much as possible. >> the nbc affiliate suffered a power outage live on air. while the rain has stopped for now, forecasters say more could be on the way this week. charles joins me now from houston and charles, what have you seen from your vantage point? >> hi tameron. the sun is out and it's stopped raining but let me show you this. this is memorial drive as it heads into downtown houston. overnight. overnight, it got up to the marker 13 feet is the clearance of the drive. it was completely full and it submerged cars. we don't know how many cars may be under this water but we do know two people were rescued from this 18-wheeler earlier today. the water was halfway up the windshield of the vehicle as the
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houston fire department rescue team got them out. you may be able to make out other cars beginning to show themselves as the water slowly reseeds. this is buffalo bayou. probably 100 yards to the south of here but it is out of its banks. over much of the area just west of downtown houston. there were 131 high water rescues during the night and at least two people have been reported killed in this. the water filled their cars and they drowned. >> that's incredible video. to know there are cars submerged and we can't see them for the flooding that cannots is something, charles. >> yeah they're going to have to check this area again to make sure there are no cars here and no bodies inside the cars if they're there. hopefully, everyone got out safely. >> that is our hope. thank you very much charles. so far, more than two dozen texas counties have been
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declared texas areas by texas governor abbott. that includes haze county near austin where crews are still searching for 12 people missing in wimberly. hundreds of homes have been destroyed. this shows a bridge completely wiped out. on the today show the mayor said hundreds have spent the night in shelters for the past two days. . the devastation was a lot more greater than when we got the call at 10:00 at night. >> nbcs gabe guiterrez report frs the hard hit portion of texas. >> tameron, good morning. there are now eight confirmed deaths in texas and oklahoma. you can see the deaf station. this is a small resort in wimberly texas. it's more like a tornado than a
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flood. this small resort may not be able to be rebuilt because it's on a flood plain. this is the river that crested saturday night into sunday at about 43 feet. it's flood stage is about 12 feet. you can still see the debris on some of these tree tops and the family was in a cabin that was pushed down the river. the family has been split apart. it's a tragic story here in texas. the governor has expanded the disaster declaration to include 37 counties. today the search for the missing continues in wimberly. >> thank you. joining me now is harris county judge ed emmett. he oversees the county. thank you for your time. >> good morning. >> let me ask you what's your
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concern right now. >> our biggest concern is the number of cars that remain under water and as the waters reseed we're just hoping and praying we don't find anymore people inside. >> as we mention at the top of the show you're in an unprecedented situation, so much so that a flooding mrnl has been declared. that's extremely rare. you've covered and been witness to a number of storms including ike that hit the area as well. how do you compare this to what you've seen? >> this is so different. i mean hurricanes normally have a little bit of notice and people are never fond but you're use to them. you know what to do and know how to prepare. this storm came up fairly suddenly and there were people just trying to drive home from basketball games or evening events and there were places under three and four feet of
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water that's not had water before. >> you point out the speed in which this hit, certain parts, we heard the mayor say certain portions are high and dry and others cars are submerged and you don't know if people were caught off guard and trapped and at one point, some 200 people trapped inside the nba basketball game do you believe enough notice was given the city and county does as much as they could. ? >> yeah everyone is watching the weather were and knew the rains were coming. at the same time it's hard to be too critical. if you come up to an intersection and see a car floating in the intersection you shouldn't drive into it and unforchau in thely, a lot of people did that last night. a lot of other people chose not to drive through the high water and they were stranded on highways. so i understand their frustration but, for example, we
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had 610, an interstate freeway go completely under water and in my memory that's never occurred. >> i know that the roadways are starting to reseed but there are still a lot of people stranded. do you have an update on the rescues still taking place at this point? >> there are literally hundreds of rescued but thousands of cars still stranded or abandoned or still have people in them. if the water reseeds, we're going to have to just go check every one of them and now you noerks with the light of day we realize just how many houses have had water in them too. i suppose we'll be doing a declaration or requesting a declaration of disaster here very shortly. >> judge, thank you so much. i know you and the other city personnel are very busy trying to help those desperately in need and we appreciate the update. thank you. >> thank you. >> joining me now, meteorologist
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bill carrington. we have this judge we just spoke to. it's hard for people to describe what happened over the last few days. >> it's apparent allison which was a tropical storm, a famous tropical storm that sat over the region dumped a ton of rain and that's the record water levels. this is close to it. number two. important points about the cars driving into the intersection. a lot of people don't realize it takes six inches of water to float in your car. we did have a foot of rain locally. south and west of town is by far at the most. that's where they picked up 10 inch 10 inches of rain. it is dried out. water levels have now come down. everyone wants to know what's next. we just got done with four straight days across the state of texas. we're going to get rain today but it's not as widespread as yesterday. two slight risk.
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one is associated with the storms up in the area of great lakes and ohio valley. low tornado threat wind damage possible. watch out detroit and cleveland, cincinnati and all the way back to lexington and louisville. the area we've been talking about all the month of may has a chance of more strong storms today. they're going to be scattered. we may see a few tornados. this is a little less populated area to the west of oklahoma city and wichita falls. these storms head towards the bigger city. 4:00 p.m., the storms start. by the time of 6:00 p.m. they make it to waco dallas all moving forward. we could get minor flash flooding. that's the only issues today. late tonight for midnight these storms try to head towards houston. i think the worst is 98% of the worst has happened in the region. another two or three inches is not going to hurt that much. the river levels are going down
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and the flash flooding threat in the days ahead is going to subside. much deserved after this incredibly record breaking historic rainfall. >> rescues continue in harris county and other parts of the city. we'll keep watch on that. >> i forgot to mention. half of the flash flooding deaths people are unaware. >> happening now in north dakota police confirm two people dead and another hospitalized after a shooting early this morning at a walmart in grand fort. it happened just after 1:00 a.m. local time. police say the shooter is among the dead. he was the only person with a gun and no police officers fired a weapon indicating the gunman shot himself. nor the other victims have been identified. our nbc affiliate in north dakota reports officials confirm an airman was involved in the shootings. we'll continue to follow the
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developments there. developing now after two days ash carter questioned the will of iraqi military forces to defend the accompany, they've reclaimed ramadi after isis captured the city. they're being backed by shiiat officials. >> the iraqi forces just showed no will to fight. they were not outnumbered. they vastly outnumbered the opposing force and failed to fight. they withdrew from the site and that says to me i think to most of us that we have an issue with
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will of iraqis to fight isis and defend themselves. >> nbc news richard angle is here in the studio with us today. thanks for making the time for us to get us updated here. you hear the defense secretary questioned the will of the iraqi forces. why would you believe this to be successful? >> i think you have good reason to be skeptical of that. the iraqi government is not being effective so far in the campaign to fight against isis. the iraqi army has collapsed now twice. first it collapsed in mosel which helped create this whole problem and now in ramadi. whose coming in to try and liberate the city? it's a combination of sunni and shiite militias.
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>> you've been reading and delivering the news here and when you say you have the militias working together you point out one almost gave me accurate information. >> it's almost a laughable strategy frankly. somebody, well richard a couple of days ago said it's like trying to put out a fire with gasoline. you're sending in militias to fight a radical group in a city 80 miles from baghdad. the militias are going in under the banner.
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their military campaign is in the service of hussein which is a martyr from the earliest days of islam. >> why is there a will to fight? is it a lack of training? what is the problem here? surely they realize. >> i've seen the iraqi government over the last several years. it has become rotten to the core. a lot of the institutions at the u.s. military help build just collapse once u.s. troops and money stop nowing. there was a lot of nepotism
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where senior officers demand kick backs from junior officers. they were a lot of soldiers people just getting paid and not showing up to work. other senior people collect their pay. especially when you know you're going to be fighting in a group terrifying and ruthless as isis. >> so then this brings me back to the question asked too often about this region what are the options? >> well that's a much larger conversation to have. >> it's immediate success. >> the immediate success also requires a longer term strategy. you need to know what's going to happen in iraq in order to figure out to short term strategy. you need the answer the questions. until you can answer that question, there will be isis in northern iraq.
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if you can't answer the question whose going to run iraq. is it going to be a military government, going to be a fictitious democracy, unified government we have now? until you answer the big questions about the formation of the state, isis will always exist in the cracks. >> and i understand that. however, this issue of isis acquiring more territory, can that be dealt with without answering those major questions? you don't any so. >> i don't think so. you need to answer the big questions. until you answer these big questions, i don't think you're going to drag this long. >> up next, several new developments in the controversy surrounding the diagnoserugger family. new family members speaking out
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as more say they want the show permanently cancelled, not just postponed as it is now. it is our news nation. coming up bernie sanders announces he's becoming hillary clinton's first announcer. we'll look at republicans who may be jumping in the race over the next few days. we got the latest count. it is in today's or this morning's first read and this. >> >>. >> dramatic video shows that bounce house being lifted more than 50 feet. like the little girl you just heard from, it's one of the stories we updated. you can join the conversation online and you can find me on facebook, twitter and instagram under my name. please give a follow. we'll be right back. hed problems the way same. always start at the starting.
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:any to the now to the latest surrounding the dugger family. another family member is speaking out. he molested five under aged girls as a teenager. his sister writes quote are the duggers perfect in their interpretation of god's moral standards? no but neither is anyone else. it comes as the call for tlc to cancel 19 kids and counting is growing. several petitions are up despite tlc pulling all shows from the line up. a key sponsor has announced
8:22 am
they're pulling all adds. stephanie, thank you so much for your time here. let's first talk about the family member now speaking out. he is a family member via marriage but he's coming out and saying god has forgiven them as part of their journey of spiritual alty. chas your take here? >> i'm not surprised he said that. i'm sure he was aware this was something that happened in the past. it seems this is something that the dugger family has discussed with their relatives. this is something that josh apparently told his wife ana when they began courting. it seems this is something jessa told his husband.
8:23 am
>> they say we are deeply saddened and troubled and our thoughts and prayers are with the family and victims at this difficult time. full disclosure, i host the sister wives reunion show. this comes after the whole honey booboo debok l with the al gass the child's mother was in a relationship with a man convicted of a similar crime here. with that said what's interesting, stephanie, i spent some time online looking at the story last night and there are people in the forums who say this is no secret to your point. people who follow the duggers including perhaps even producers at the opera win free show in 2006 have been tipped off this may be a part of their real story line and not what they wanted people to know. >> this was not a secret. this had been online. people had been talking about
8:24 am
this for years. there were includes this had been going on for a long time. if producers at the opera winfrey show had been tipped off to this. >> and they cancelled the interview with them. >> right. they had faxed the letter to the police which sparked investigation. i have every reason to think tlc also had been facted axed a letter. there's no reason to think tlc had no clue. >> we're waiting to hear more. here we have what i also find fascinating is this interest in the family. you have mike huckabee for example, still supporting them on his facebook page calling them good people and saying they make mistakes. how they were able to not only have the show and people with the number of count of children but also people that became political. what was it you think attracted an audience to this? >> it's fascinating.
8:25 am
19 kids and one family. it's a massive family. they follow these very very particular set of ordnances and rules. they don't dance drink. all of their dates have to be chaperon chaperoned. it's just very different than your average american life. >> but at some point they made a decision they also wanted to become political. this is no longer someone volunteering a little peak into their lives. they felt they had enough of a voice to get into politics and now family is asking in a sense they not be judged when many would say that's exactly what they've done to others with the platform they have. >> it's all very hypocritical. last year michelle dugger recorded robocalls asking they have residents vote against an
8:26 am
ordnance asking the transit gender individuals be able to use bathrooms where they were born. that's hypocritical. she said they were predators against little girls and that's hypocritical. >> i do have to ask you. there's a washington post on why tlc shouldn't cancel the show. the writer says now's the time for tlc to. during a crisis. life is not what it quiet seems as the dugger seems. >> what is the crisis people should watch play out? >> i mean i don't think this is a crisis. i think this is horrible.
8:27 am
this is a child molestation case that hasn't been prosecuted in 12 years that probably should have been. this is a family that did whatever they could to probably protect their son over the rest of their children which is absolutely horrible. they kept this as a private family matter instead of going to the police and hid that for more than a decade. this is not a crisis. this is probably illegal and i think the show should be off the air. >> the records have been destroyed by arkansas as a result of the protection they say of the victims involved in this. it doesn't appear josh dugger
8:28 am
will be charged with any crime. we'll continue to follow the latest. thank you so much for joining us. up next explosive new act weizations from two of b.b. king's daughters. why they think he was poisoned and who they believe was behind it. incredible there. the coke brothers say they have plans that would narrow down the crowded g.o.p. presidential fields. one of the things we thought you should know. (vo) maggie wasn't thrilled when ben and i got married. i knew it'd take some time. and her sensitive stomach didn't make things easier. it was hard to know why... the move...her food...? so we tried purina cat chow gentle... ...because it's specially formulated for easy digestion. she's loved it ever since. and as for her and ben... ...she's coming around. purina cat chow gentle. one hundred percent complete and balanced for everyday feeding of adult cats.
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now to the shocking twist in the blue's legend b.b. king. he died this month in hospice care in las vegas. two of the daughters are coming forward with allegations b.b. king was poisoned by two of his closest aids.
8:32 am
>> two of his daughters say i believe my father was poisoned and i believe my father was murdered. the affidavits named b.b. king's closest aids as the only people who had contact with the blue's legend. tony is also executor of king's estate. nbc reached out to the aids. the attorney called the allegations ree allegations ridiculous. >> he did not die in the presence of his children nor were they present for his hospice care and that's why they have the concern. >> now the coroner has performed an autopsy and said at this point we don't have evidence these allegations of foul play
8:33 am
will be substantiated. we are taking them very seriously. meanwhile, the las vegas police department tells nbc news they are notpending the result of the test that takes 6-8 weeks. >> now developing in cleveland, protesters are rallying in the deaths of two unarmed african americans shot 137 times. this comes as the city and justice department reaches a settlement over force and civil rights violations in other cases. a live report next. plus i'll talk live with the founder and ceo of the hugely popular edible arrangements. how he came to the u.s. as a child from pakistan and now running the business with more than a thousand locations plus how he's giving back to u.s. troops. it is today's born in the u.s.a. here whose diabetic nerve pain...
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we are back with our first politics. over the weekend, two candidates over the next two weeks. former new york governor makes his announcement next week. senator bernie sanders is holding a campaign today in vermont. joining me now mark murray not in vermont physically but motionally. journalistically as well. >> and everywhere too.
8:38 am
>> let's start with what's happening in vermont. the kick off rally. >> is it worth noting sanders already declared his presidential bid a few weeks ago and able to raise money. this is the big kick off rally he'sholding in berling ton, vermont. he's the socialist. sanders rep vents going to the left. he's going to push hillary clinton to the left and talk about the issues he wants to talk about. income, equality, climate change and campaign finances reform and he's going to try to have hillary clinton and the other dem democrats pick up the flag. >> absolutely. you and others pointed out the fact senator sanders should not be dismissed on any level because of what he can do. pushing hillary clinton or the governor. with that said, how hard do you think he's willing to push her? >> he wants to be the happy warrior in this contest in his own way and wants to talk about
8:39 am
the issues he wants to talk about. sometimes that makes a person very formittable. i don't think anyone believes he's going to be the democratic nominee yet alone in the oval office come 2017 but sometimes being a one or two issue candidate talking about the issues you want to talk about and basically holding the feet to the fire to the front runner who is in a very comfortable place in the democratic party. he's able to do it in his own way and sometimes that makes you pretty powerful. >> with the republican movering on, we have a huge graphic we can put up with amounts, set decision dates and exploring bids. the decision keeps growing. what do you think the headline will be for the week? >> you know i think the headline is going to be these candidates coming in. yes, most of them are minor. you talk about the rick and george and some of the publicity
8:40 am
they're getting now is more than they're going to get over the next several months. one thing worth noting sometimes these minor candidates will pop. one of these minor candidates, people aren't necessarily paying a lot of attention too could make an impact. we don't know how big but could. that's why these next two weeks are interesting. >> all right, mark thank you very much. mark everywhere we need him. thank you. >> thanks tameron. >> another story we're following this afternoon, the city of cleveland has just reached a settlement with the department of justin over its report that found a pattern of excessive force in civil rights violations within the city's police department. the agreement will be formally announced later today. the rally is being organized by dozens of protest. brilo was acquitted of multiple
8:41 am
charges including manslaughter for his roll in the fatal shooting of two unarmed motorist. now, the verdicts sparked multiple protest throughout the weekend with people arrested. nbc's scott joins us from cleveland. the settlement from the latest on these rallies here but what do we know regarding the announcement? is there more details you can report to us? >> what i can tell you, i hear from a source who knows what's in the descent to decree there's going to be elements similar to other cities like seattle and albuquerque. that could be outside monitors someone independent who looks at what's going on in the police department and if they're making changes. also body cameras, things like that they say are comments to some of these. we don't know what's in that. in fact this group behind me
8:42 am
they're members of churches. they're not calling this a protest. they're calling this a rally and march. they've been having input into what's in those consent to decrees. of course, the word came out about the agreement, they want to know what's in it as well. what they want to do is march down the city hall and the justice center and going to ask the mayor and the prosecutor for long term reforms in the community to make sure it's not just something that happens right after the relocates but something for a long time. >> thank you very much. we'll continue to follow the announcement on the settlement breech there. thank you. >> coming up an update on the condition of children inside a bounce house after it was lifted 50 feet in the air. one of the stories we're following and updating arpd the news nation. >> and a very sad story from omaha where thousands of mourners are gathering for the funeral of a fallen police officer. we reported on her death last
8:43 am
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developing now, funeral services are about to get underway for omaha police officer carrie who was killed just hours before she was to take a long awaited maternity
8:50 am
leave. at least 5,000 mourners are expected to attend the ceremony. them together in the gang unit where she worked. she was killed in a ed ined ed ined in shootout one day before bringing her daughter home. she delayed maternity leave until she could bring the baby home which was last thursday. we are joined by sarah in omaha. this is one of the most heartbreaking stories you could report. i know you've had a chance to talk to those in the community as they get ready to say good-bye. how
8:51 am
fellow members from the gang unit are going to serve as honorary paul bearers. the priest is the same man that married the officer and her husband. obviously an outpouring of love and support for her family. a lot of concern directed at infant, young olivia ruth. i spoke to the police captain a few minutes ago and asked him what he wants the little girl to know about her mom as she grows up. his response that she treated others as she yourself wanted to be treated. you can see the character and person she was this today's turnout. terribly sad. >> we could know the police department received thousands of messages from as far away as israel and italy. there was a poem written by the
8:52 am
police officer that rode in the ambulance with her. it's been viewed 3 million times. thank you for that alive report. children in florida are recovering from a scary incident involving a bounce house. a waterspout came on shore sending the bounce house flying through the air and dumping the kids into the sand. it flew above the free line and four lane os of traffic. two of the kids have been released from the. a third remains in the hospital for observations. that child is expected to be okay. incredible video there. time mow for the "born in the usa" series highlighting business success stories. my next guest shows me the
8:53 am
american dream is alive. i'm sure you've seen the commercials and heard the name. he moved to u.s. from pakistan at age of 11. his dad worked several jobs, and he did whatever he could to bring in money including delivering papers and mowing lawns. in high school he got a $5,000 lawn to buy a flower shop in a connecticut neighborhood. he was so successful he opened three more shops with his family bringing in the experiment of arranging fruit in addition to flowers. he launched the first edible arrangement in 1999 in east haven. now there are 1200 stores worldwide. he is with us in studio. thank you for joining us. >> thank you very much. >> you're a huge hit around here. we have three arrangements in our work area now consumed greatly. beyond the tastiness that you provide, you provide inspiration here. you got a $5,000 loan from who? >> from family friends. my father's boss.
8:54 am
i was 16-17 years ode. my father asked bill and denise hoper. my son is looking to buy a flower shop. would you let him borrow $6,000. the rest he charge addd on a credit card. >> you were a teenager and that's a big loan. what was your pitch to get that money? >> i would have to tell you, it was very kind of them. i didn't need to pitch. bill and denise were amazing. they said sure. to this day, i'm awe had the they did that because that's really difficult to think and give somebody $6,000. these were just hardworking -- he was a machinist, my father's boss. my father was a machineist. it's their kindness that started this whole thing. >> it is true kindness. you've extended kindness to military men and women. before we get to that you have this flower shop.
8:55 am
you're doing well successful. were you hungry and said i'll make edible flowers? >> so we were looking for change. i've had a computer company, different businesses. you're always looking for change especially when you get bitten by the entrepreneur bug very young. we were looking for change and saw this opportunity. we started making fruit, making arrangements sending them to different people. it was difficult in the beginning. people didn't think it would get anywhere. my mom was behind the inspiration and said i think this is going to be big. >> moms know best. let me talk to you about what you've done to pay it forward for military men and women. >> it's a great program bringing military men and women into the franchise industry. we have the most amazing franchises and veterans who have come in and just done great giving back to their community, building great businesses seeing them successful.
8:56 am
it's inspirational. we want to do our part. we continue to do it from our staff and helping out training any way. we have great examples that just encourage us to do more. >> the spirit of giving. thank you so much for joining us. you're obviously a success story. you're proof the american dream is alive and well. thank you so much. that does it for this edition of news nation. i'm tamron hall. thank you for joining us for the hour. we'll be back tomorrow. up next, "andrea mitchell reports." but now you can give them even more when you save with sentry® fiproguard® plus. with sentry® fiproguard® plus, your pet is just as protected against fleas and ticks as with frontline® plus. because sentry® fiproguard® plus has the same active ingredients but costs less than vet prices. and saving money helps you buy... (laughs happily) more tennis balls. sentry® fiproguard® plus - available at these retailers. why weigh yourself down? try new
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>>who... is this?! >>hi, i am heinz new mustard. hi na na na na >>she's just jealous because you have better taste. whatever. >>hey. keep your chin up. for years, heinz ketchup has been with the wrong mustard. well, not anymore. introducing heinz new better tasting yellow mustard. mmm! right now on "andrea mitchell reports," texas flood zone. torrential rain floods central texas. in my 25 years, i've never seen anything like this. tornados touching down right and left across the area. >> i describe it as a flood of biblical proportions. excited about the big win over the warriors tonight. however, we are stuck inside for
9:00 am
a little bit. >> damage control. when was the last time secretary of state of defense said what everybody else was thinking but afraid to say? iraqi forces show quote no will to fight. >> we have an issue with the will of the iraqis to fight isil and defend themselves. and taking aim. there is no mistaking who bernie sanders is after as he revs up the democratic campaign for presidential nomination. >> when you hustle money like that, you don't -- i'm not going to condemn bill and hillary clinton because they have a lot of money. that money has potential to isolate you from the reality of the world.


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